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Setting Up a European Bank Account for Your Offshore Company

Updated on Monday 06th August 2018

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Opening a European bank account for an offshore company can serve a needed tax-transparency purpose or a manner in which the non-resident characteristic of the company can be maintained. Having a bank account outside the jurisdiction in which the offshore company is based can be advantageous for a number of reasons and foreign investors can also explore the available options in the EU.
Our team of offshore company formation agents in Europe can assist you in opening a bank account for an offshore company or, alternatively, opening a bank account for a European company for those investors who are also planning to incorporate in the EU.

EU bank account for an offshore company

European countries like Malta and Cyprus are popular among foreign investors looking for offshore jurisdictions in Europe. A number of key advantages, among which investor protection through bank secrecy, low corporate taxes and legal systems inspired from English law are characteristics that, combined, create a favorable location for offshore location in Europe.
Investors who are not interested necessarily in offshore company set up but rather in opening a European bank account for their offshore company will find that the jurisdictions that qualify as European offshore locations will also suit their business needs.

Opening a European bank account

The issues that should be taken into consideration when opening a European bank account are listed below by our offshore company formation specialists:
  • ·         Documentation: when opening an offshore bank account, corporate and personal identification documents will be requested.
  • ·         Personal presence: some banks may require the account holder to be present in person; however, this is not always the case and investors in Cyprus can choose to send the apostilled documents instead.
  • ·         Initial deposit: although not all banks request an initial deposit, investors should be prepared for this and ask in advance if this is needed.
  • ·         Currencies: the currency of the bank account will presumably be in Euros but investors can select other currencies when choosing the account type.
Bank fees apply depending on the chosen bank, the country and the maintenance options for the selected account. Debit card fees can also apply.
For more information on offshore bank account creation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our team has extensive experience in European and offshore incorporation and we can offer dedicated services for over 60 jurisdictions.


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