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April 19, 2018
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April 12, 2018

Offshore Trust Services

Updated on Friday 02nd November 2018

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The trust is a structure used by an individual to assign, and thus manage, a number of types of assets, to the benefit of an individual. They can successfully be used for estate planning purposes as well as for tax minimization purposes, in some cases.
Our team of offshore company formation experts can provide complete offshore trust services that are tailored to the needs of clients looking for a solution to manage their assets.

Set up an offshore trust

The offshore trust is a trust in the traditional sense of the word, the agreement between the trustee and the owner for the best interest of the beneficiaries, incorporated and managed as per the laws applicable in an offshore jurisdiction. 
The main advantages related to offshore trust creation are the following:
  • tax exemption: just like in the case of offshore company formation, trusts incorporated in these jurisdictions offer a number of tax advantages when the assets are transferred.
  • asset protection: depositing assets in a trust that is set up in an offshore center protects them from bankruptcy, unwanted inheritance and in other cases.
  • capital accumulation: the trust can also be used as a structure that holds companies and can accumulate capital.
  • confidentiality: this is another important advantage for those who set up an offshore trust: the information of the trustees and how the trust functions are not disclosed; this can vary from on offshore jurisdiction to another, we recommend seeking personalized assistance for trust creation.

Offshore trust and offshore company formation services

Offshore trust services are generally oriented towards offering solutions for financial planning, estate planning, and tax minimization. The discretionary trust is often used by those who are also interested in offshore incorporation. Its defining trait is that the trustee will decide how the profits will be distributed according to the beneficiary.
Our team of offshore company formation agents can provide complete offshore trust creation services, tailored to the specific needs of the founders.