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Crypto Business Incorporations

Updated on Saturday 15th September 2018

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Crypto businesses are involved in the development or the promotion of cryptocurrencies, digital assets that are used for financial transactions. The virtual currencies have become more popular in recent years and investors are looking for ways in which they can monetize the cryptocurrency and blockchain evolution.

Where should you incorporate your crypto business?

Crypto business incorporations are advantageous in a number of jurisdictions worldwide, among which the Cayman Islands, Malta or well-known financial centers like Luxembourg. 

Our team of offshore company formation agents can help investors incorporate a crypto-related business in a number of jurisdictions worldwide.

What to take into consideration when incorporating a crypto business?

Whether it is a blockchain business, a company that specializes in crypto mining or a company that is engaged in a development of a new cryptocurrency, investors will need to choose an appropriate legal structure in order to develop the business activities.

How are these businesses regulated?

Cryptocurrency use has sparked the interest of investors as well as financial market regulators in many countries. Their rise in popularity has determined many governments either to treat them as securities or implement other forms of regulation and control. While their treatment is by no means a unified one, cryptocurrency regulation is an issue that should be treated with seriousness by investors in this business field.

One of our offshore company set up agents can also help you with information about the applicable regulations once you have chosen the jurisdiction in which you will base your business.

How can our offshore incorporation agents help you?

Our agents can provide complete solutions for the incorporation of a crypto business and can help companies that have already developed their virtual currency launch their ICO.

Cost-effectiveness, investor protection, and tax minimization are all important criteria for investors why start a crypto business. We help investors incorporate their business in some of the most popular offshore destinations around the world, at the same time providing the adequate counseling for the regulatory environment that applies to these evolving businesses.

Contact our offshore company formation agents for more information about how we can help you incorporate a cryptocurrency business.


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