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Company Formation Suriname

Updated on Wednesday 25th April 2018

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Suriname, a country situated on the north-eastern coast of Latin America, one of the safest investment locations in the world, has its economy based on aluminium oxide export and also on bauxite and gold mining. Therefore, in recent years, more and more foreign investors choose to set up companies in Suriname. If you are interested in establishing a business, feel free to contact our company formation experts


Legal structures in Suriname

In order to decide which type of company best suits your business plans, our company formation team can help you choose from a range of possibilities, such as: the limited liability company (LLC), the limited partnership or the open one or you can choose to create a branch office for an existing parent-company overseas.

The most convenient and popular legal entity amongst foreign entrepreneurs is the limited liability company and these are the requirements to be met in order to open such a company in Suriname:

- minimum share capital of 100 SRD (30$);

- minimum one director;

- at least one shareholder;

- the company can be 100% foreign-owned.

Procedures for company registration in Suriname

1) The first step in forming a company in Suriname is to verify if the name you have chosen for your company has not already been used. This must be done at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2) Then you must open a bank account and deposit the minimum capital you have to pay. 

3) Third step of the company registration process in Suriname is obtaining the nationality and extract declaration from the Civil Registry. Every founder of the company has to do so.

4) Paying a stamp duty fee is also a demand and it has to be completed at the Accounting and Finance Department of the Ministry of Justice and Police. This procedure, as well as the other ones, can be easily completed by our experts in company incorporation.

5) Another fee must be paid at the District's Commissioner and the articles of association need to be notarized at a notary's office. 

6) Then you need to apply for a company registration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Some documents need to be submitted, namely a draft of the statutes, ID copies of each founder and their passport pictures.

7) Last, you must obtain an approval of the act at the Cabinet of President and then also register for taxes with the tax office, at the Ministry of Finance.

The process should not take more than four weeks to complete. For further information on how to open a company in Suriname, or in other parts of the world, feel free to ask for the help of our specialists in company formation.


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