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Company Formation Slovenia

Updated on Monday 14th May 2018

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BridgeWest provides company formation in Slovenia. Our assistance includes:

> drafting the Articles of Association (necessary for the company incorporation in Slovenia); The Articles of Association can be signed through Power of Attorney, therefore the physical presence of the shareholders and directors is not required.

> drafting all other documents required for the incorporation; These documents are: Specimen Signatures, Affidavits, Special Forms provided by the Slovenian Trade Register.

> arranging Public Notary procedures (if the foreign shareholders visit the country) and/or certified translations (if the shareholders will provide the required documents via mail).

> setting up a bank account for your Slovenian company. This refers both to an initial share capital account required when you open a company in Slovenia, as well as a current bank account after the company is formed.

> recommending a Slovenian accountant; Accountancy services for opening a company in Slovenia are recommended for any new business registration in Slovenia.

Our company formation agents in Slovenia can provide assistance for the formation of the following types of companies:

Druzba z Omejeno Odgovornostjo (D.O.O. - Limited Liability company) This type of Slovenian company can have one shareholder and one director and must maintain a local address (office) and a minimum share capital of EUR 7,500.

Delniska druzba (D.D)  - Joint Stock company) This type of Slovenian company must have at least five shareholders, a managing board and must maintain a local address and a minumum share capital of EUR 25,000.

BridgeWest is also able to offer ready-made Slovenian companies and VAT registration.

Please contact us for more information reagarding how to open a company in Slovenia and prices.


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