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Company Formation in Slovenia

Updated on Wednesday 26th January 2022

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BridgeWest provides company formation in Slovenia. Our assistance includes drafting the articles of association (necessary for the company incorporation in Slovenia); the articles of association can be signed through power of attorney, therefore the physical presence of the shareholders and directors is not required. Our team can also help with the following:
  • drafting all other documents required for the incorporation - these documents are specimen signatures, affidavits, special forms provided by the Slovenian Trade Register;
  • arranging public notary procedures (if the foreign shareholders visit the country) and/or certified translations (if the shareholders will provide the required documents via mail);
  • setting up a bank account for your Slovenian company - this refers both to an initial share capital account required when you open a company in Slovenia, as well as a current bank account after the company is formed;
  • recommending a Slovenian accountant - accountancy services for opening a company in Slovenia are recommended for any new business registration in Slovenia.
Our company formation agents in Slovenia can provide assistance for the formation of the following types of companies: Druzba z Omejeno Odgovornostjo (D.O.O. - limited liability company) - this type of Slovenian company can have one shareholder and one director and must maintain a local address (office) and a minimum share capital of EUR 7,500. Investors can also set up the Delniska druzba (D.D) - joint stock company. This type of Slovenian company must have at least five shareholders, a managing board and must maintain a local address and a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000.

What is the procedure to register a Slovenian limited liability company?

Given that the limited liability company (LLC) is the most popular way to start a business in this country, in the following section, our consultants in company formation in Slovenia will present the main characteristics of this entity, as well as the steps you should expect to follow for its incorporation. 
Please mind that this entity is recommended for small and medium-sized companies, so if you want to open a company in Slovenia as a large business, the joint stock company will be the recommended legal entity to incorporate. The commercial legislation in Slovenia allows the registration of two types of LLCs. 
The first one is known as single member LLC, and the other one is the multiple member company. In the first case, as the name suggests, the company is founded by a single investor, while the other situation refers to a business set up by at least two businessmen. 
Although both types of companies will go through the same registration steps, the single member company is simpler to register, as it is founded by a single person, who must be a natural person. The person must be registered with the Slovenian population register
Another requirement to set up this company type is that the person who founds the company (the shareholder) will also occupy the function of director in the newly founded company. The company can only have one director; please mind that, even though the company is founded by a single founder, the capital requirements are the same for both types of LLC, meaning that the single member LLC must have a capital of EUR 7,500. 
In the case of a multi-member company, the investors do not have to comply with any residency requirements, upon the registration of the company they can simply present their identity documents, along with the minimum corporate documents necessary for the procedure (the articles of association and other documents which are prescribed by the law for the procedure of company formation in Slovenia). 
Both types of LLCs can be incorporated by addressing to the Slovenian Business Point, the SPOT Consulting Point or by concluding the procedure through a notarial act. Our team of specialists in company registration in Slovenia can provide further information regarding this matter. 
If you need assistance on other company types that are available for incorporation, do not hesitate to request in-depth information from our team; you can be advised on the characteristics of each company and the ways in which such characteristics will better suit for your business plans in Slovenia

What is the tax liability for companies in Slovenia?

Whether you want to register a Slovenian based company or you want to expand a foreign company in Slovenia through a branch office or a subsidiary, you will have a certain level of tax liability, charged on the activities of the business. All companies in Slovenia are liable to the payment of the same taxes, but tax exemptions can apply based on the company type or based on the activity selected. 
For those who want to start the procedure of company formation in Slovenia through a branch office or a subsidiary, it is important to know that there are some tax differences applied to these entities, the main difference being that the branch office is liable to taxation solely for the income derived from activities carried out here. With these being said, the differences will stop here and companies will be required to comply with the payment of the following taxes, once they start their business operations: 
  • the value added tax – this tax is charged at the standard rate of 22%, but reduced rates are also available, according to the Ministry of Public Administration
  • the reduced rates are of 9.5%, 5% and 0% and they are charged to businesses selling specific types of goods (food products, newspapers, domestic transportation, etc.);
  • the corporate income tax – applied on the income of all legal entities and charged at the rate of 19%;
  • investors who will conclude the formalities for company formation in Slovenia in the shipping industry can opt to pay the tonnage tax instead of the corporate tax, which is calculated based on the net tonnage (thresholds vary from the first 1,000 tonnes to more than 25,000);
  • investors owning companies here must also pay social contributions for their employee, and the tax is of 16.1%, calculated from the salary of the employee. 
BridgeWest is also able to offer ready-made Slovenian companies and VAT registration. Please contact us for more information regarding how to open a company in Slovenia and prices. Our consultants in company registration in Slovenia can provide tax services as well, and you can also rely on us on immigration matters (investment visas, residence permit, relocating family members, etc.).