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Company Formation Kyrgyzstan

Updated on Thursday 03rd May 2018

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A country whose economy relies on the export of agricultural products and industrial goods, such as gold, uranium or natural gas, Kyrgyzstan is often the place that foreign investors choose to set up a company in. Thus, if you need any information or assistance with this process, feel free to contact our company formation specialists.

Company types in Kyrgyzstan

It is important for a foreign entrepreneur to make the suitable choice when it comes to what legal entity should he/she establish. Here are a few of the possibilities for entering the Kyrgyzstani market - the limited liability company, the joint stock company etc.

These are the demands to be met for incorporating a limited liability company in Kyrgyzstan:
  • minimum one shareholder;
  • at least one director (does not need to have a Kyrgyzstani residency);
  • there is no minimum share capital required.

How to register a company in Kyrgyzstan 

There are a few steps that need to be followed, some demands to be met when wanting to form a company in Kyrgyzstan and hereunder you have the list.
1. First step of this process is registering at the local registration office (One-stop shop), where you have to submit a few documents like an application, a copy of one of the owner's passport or other required papers. Our company registration specialists can assist in making this procedure easier to complete.
2. Then you need to apply for some customized characteristics. These characteristics (parameters) should be issued in three days time. The documents that need to be filed to the State Tax Service include a copy of the owners' passport, the registration certificate and the tax registration application.
3. Next you need to acquire a notification from the Social Fund Agency. This has to be done in person.
4. Finally, every foreign investor can choose to make a seal for the company. A recent decree states that the seal use is optional. 
The whole process of company registration in Kyrgyzstan can take up to two weeks. Our specialists in company formation can offer further information, as well as assistance with all the procedures and demands of establishing a business entity of any type; not only in Kyrgyzstan, but in other countries of the world as well.


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