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Company Formation in Jordan

Updated on Monday 13th May 2024

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As an emerging market with a liberal economy and a highly developed banking center containing a set of conservative strategies, Jordan has lately started to attract foreign investors who want to set up a company on its premises. Our company formation team can assist you with professional services for company formation in Jordan

Legal entities in Jordan

As a foreign investor, you need to know that there are a few possibilities of forming a company in Jordan, namely: the limited liability company (LLC), the public limited company (PLC), the offshore company, the representative or the branch office, the latter two being, however, dependent on the mother company. 

The most common business form, preferred by many foreign entrepreneurs, is the limited liability company. Here are some of its demands that need to be met:

  • the company must be set up by 2 shareholders, but it can also have minimum 1 one shareholder, upon approval of the registration authorities - the shareholders can have of any nationality;
  • a share capital of minimum $70,542 (the equivalent of JOD 50,000) – the minimum capital requirement imposed to foreign investors;
  • at least 1 one director (does not have to be a Jordanian resident);
  • if deciding to invest in a restricted sector, you need to enter in a joint venture compliance with at least 1 Jordanian partner.


Opening a partnership in Jordan 

Another way to open a company in Jordan is by registering a partnership. In Jordan, investors can set up 2 types of partnerships, namely the general partnership and the limited partnership. In a general partnership, it is necessary the association of at least 2 partners who are both equally liable for the partnership’s debts. 

In this type of partnership, there is a limit to the number of possible investors (or partners), limited to 22. In the case in which the partnership is set up only by 2 partners, in the case in which one of them wants to withdraw from the business, the partnership does not have to be dissolved, as long as the remaining partner will find a new business associate.  

There is a limit to this right, however, as the remaining partner should find a new associate in maximum 90 days since the date when the previous partner left the business. Provided that the partnership remains with a single partner for more 90 days, the dissolution of the business will be initiated. Please know that our team of specialists in company formation in Jordan can also assist in liquidation matters. 

For the other type of partnership, the limited partnership, similar rules apply, in the sense that this one also needs at least 2 partners, out of which one has limited liability against corporate debts. 

Steps in registering a company in Jordan

The first step is opening a bank account in order to deposit 50% of the share capital. This is a demand that applies to all new businesses.

Then you need to register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, not before submitting a few required documents such as an application for registration of the company and a receipt proving the capital deposit at the bank. For more information about the procedures of incorporating a company in Jordan, you can address our team of experts.

Registering for VAT and obtaining a tax identification number are also part of the process and this step is to be completed at the Tax Office Agency. At the Chamber of Commerce you have to register your company (if commercial activities are being conducted) filing some documents - the certificate of registration, copies of the IDs of the company's shareholders and directors etc.

Then you need to obtain a vocational license. This is done at the Greater Municipality of Amman and an application form must be submitted along with other documents. Last, a health and safety inspection must be done by the Greater Municipality of Amman and then the registration for social security. 

How long does it take to register a company in Jordan? 

The duration of the incorporation process can vary based on the type of company investors want to set up here, but also on the gathering of necessary paperwork. The registration is completed through the Commercial Register Department (operating under the Ministry of Industry and Trade), and the formalities required here can be completed in 1-2 business days. 

This registration process should not take more than two weeks. Further information and assistance on how to open a company in Jordan or incorporating some other form of business (in other countries as well) can be offered by our company formation agents, so do not hesitate to address us. 

Immigration requirements for foreign investors in Jordan

Foreign investors are required to comply with visa formalities prior to arriving in this country for the purpose of starting a business. All applicants must have a valid passport and provide the necessary supporting documentation required for investments, just as it is the case in many countries where offshore incorporation is possible. 

In most of the jurisdictions available for onshore or offshore company setup, investors must comply with various visa formalities, while exemptions can appear in certain circumstances based on the nationality of the applicant. 

We also invite you to request our services in the case in which you are interested in offshore company formation. Along with this service, you can also rely on us for the set up of an offshore bank account. We invite you to contact us for company formation in Jordan and in any other country of your interest.