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Where to Set Up Your Amazon Store

Updated on Wednesday 22nd August 2018

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Amazon is a world-famous online retailer and entrepreneurs can start their business by selling on the platform if they incorporate a company. Sellers on Amazon have no restrictions in terms of residency. However, there are a set of conditions for becoming an Amazon seller and one of them will be to operate through a legal entity.

Investors can become sellers on the online platform, however, there is an important decision to be made as to where to set up your Amazon store, or more basically, where to incorporate a company that will then be used to sell the items and to issue invoices to clients.

Europe is a popular location for this purpose due to a large number of sales recorded in the EU market. Our team of offshore company formation agents presents some of the locations that offer a set of advantages for investors in terms of taxation and in terms of easy of incorporation.

Locations for Amazon store businesses

Amazon dominates e-commerce and its online retail practices and selling via this platform is a very attractive option for the manufacturers themselves and for third-party sellers. The online retail giant has many product categories and offers access to buyers and sellers worldwide through its dedicated website platforms. Countries like the UK and the US have their own dedicated websites, while individuals from other countries can simply access an Amazon website and choose a seller that ships to their country.

In order to become sellers through Amazon, entrepreneurs will need to incorporate a company and use it to sell the goods. This is necessary because an invoice for the products will be needed. The list below includes four such locations that present various advantages related to taxation and business environment. 
  1. Cyprus: one of the countries in Europe with the lowest corporate tax rates, resident companies are taxed on their worldwide profits at only 12.5 %; the country also offers an important location advantage, being located at the crossroads between three distinct markets; also an attractive location for offshore company formation in Europe.
  2. Malta: advantages in terms of corporate taxation and incentives for investments but also a good infrastructure all await investors here; as a result of a tax refund claim, the effective corporate income tax in Malta can be reduced between 0 and 10%.
  3. Romania: a country with lower business and labor costs compared to western European countries and a low taxation regime for micro-companies; the corporate income tax for these business entities is 1 or 3%, depending on whether or not they have employees.
  4. Netherlands: known for its pro-business policies and good regulatory environment, complete with an advantageous tax system and a central location in Europe; the corporate income tax is 20% on the first 200,000 EUR of taxable profits and higher afterwards; there are planned reductions for the taxation brackets.

One of our offshore company set up agents can give you detailed information about each of these jurisdictions and more details about the existing advantages. 

Amazon stores

Amazon is at the forefront of retail innovation, and offers access to customers worldwide, creating an invaluable client base for sellers in many fields.

For more information about opening a store in one of the countries mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to contact our offshore company formation agents.


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