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Opening a Merchant Account for Amazon Trading

Updated on Friday 14th September 2018

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Selling on allows entrepreneurs to access an immense market with millions of unique visitors. Becoming a seller on Amazon will require a few steps as well as preparations and opening a merchant account for Amazon trading is an essential step.

Our offshore incorporation agents can assist you with detailed information about setting up a company for the purpose of selling on Amazon so that you can issue invoices and deal with clients through a legal entity.

The importance of a merchant account

The merchant account is a type of bank account that allows the holder to accept credit and debit card payments. This is essential for an online business and the advantages of having a merchant account are the following:
  1. Increase sales: by accepting debit and credit payments, entrepreneurs allow clients to purchase their desired product while paying as needed.
  2. Speedy checkout: the entire shopping experience is streamlined, and allows for increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Safe payments: the merchant account provides a certain level of transaction protection, in regards to data safety.
  4. Recurrent payments: returning customers on Amazon will have already registered their payment details and can make the next purchase from you in a short amount of time.

The list above is a clear indicator of the importance of having a merchant account when selling on Amazon. Our offshore incorporation specialists can answer specific questions if you are interested in opening this type of account in a certain jurisdiction. 

Selling on Amazon

For most sellers, opening an offshore company for selling on Amazon is an initial step. They will need to open a legal entity in their country of origin or another location, which can be an offshore center, in order to be able to issue invoices. You can read this guide on opening an Amazon store prepared by our team of offshore company setup agents. Opening a merchant account will be possible once the business is running. You can register your corporate bank account (that is set up as a merchant account) once you have filled in your seller profile on Amazon. Selling through a company can present several advantages, not only for the customers but also for account management purposes and credibility with Amazon. Also, allowing for multiple payment methods is best to be performed from the start.

Investors interested in starting a trading business on Amazon have access to a platform that offers a set of benefits, including but not limited to high exposure to millions of monthly visitors.

You can contact our offshore company formation agents for complete services related to company formation in jurisdictions around the world, including for the purpose of starting an Amazon trading business.


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