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How to Launch Your ICO

Updated on Wednesday 05th September 2018

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The Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, is the process through which companies can raise funds, or capital for their blockchain project. Successful ICOs are likely to become new currencies and this is the main reason why the launch is considered a complex process, based on careful analysis and research as well as having the right technical means of solving any blockchain technology-related issues. 
Our team of offshore company formation agents talk about the main steps and how to launch your ICO and can help entrepreneurs follow the procedure, at the same time maintaining observing the legal requirements and the securities laws.s

The ICO for your business

The Initial Coin Offering is suitable for those businesses that can integrate the digital token into their business model and give it a useful purpose. it is advisable for investors to take into consideration the fact that the ICO should have a broader spectrum and not limit itself to the sole launch for exchange trading. 
The first step, before preparing the ICO launch, is to create the blockchain product that will use the digital token. After this, entrepreneurs will need to work on the creation of the token – an essential part of the ICO launch.
The pre-launch phase is also the one during which investors should ensure that their product is not considered as security on the market – this would imply different rules and regulations, as per the different local country laws for the issuance of securities.
Offshore incorporation is often chosen by investors who wish to enter the blockchain business and launch an ICO, this is why our agents are prepared to answer any questions that relate to the securities regulation in your country of choice. 

Key issues to consider for an ICO launch

The list below highlights some of the most important issues investors should solve before the ICO launch:
  • the role of the token: the digital token will need to have intrinsic value or utility, for example streamlining transactions or improving the user experience.
  • the whitepaper: this is a pre-launch document that should be drawn up in order to answer important questions such as the business model, the targeted market, the problem solved through the blockchain technology and others.
  • the terms and conditions: participation eligibility, manners of and conditions for distribution, fund use, and other legal aspects.
  • the launch platform: this can be easily achieved with a platform like Ethereum platform, which is a preferred one due to risk reduction and interoperability. 
Cryptocurrencies are likely to become more enclosed in the financial sector, this is why ICOs will continue to play an important role as one of the main types of seed funding in 2018 and onwards.
Our team of offshore company formation agents can help you understand the different regimes, legal and tax considerations that may apply and can provide tailored answers, according to the jurisdiction in which you plan to launch the ICO.
Contact us for complete offshore incorporation services in selected jurisdictions around the world.


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