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Fiduciary Services in Europe

Updated on Tuesday 18th September 2018

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A fiduciary is an individual or company responsible for administering the assets of another according to a pre-specified agreement.
By using fiduciary services in Europe, foreign investors are able to entrust another person or legal entity with the best interests of their European company or business activities.
Our team of offshore company formation agents is able to provide complete fiduciary services, for the management of trusts, assets and corporate matters that take place in Europe.

The fiduciary relationship

Fiduciary services are based on the relationship between the trustee or the fiduciary (the one receiving the power to administer funds or assets) and the beneficiary or the principal (the one entrusting the other party). The relationship is based on the qualifications of the fiduciary and on the legal obligations that arise from this type of relationship.
The fiduciary acts according to the principal’s best interests, according to the type of services agreed upon. These can concern trust operations, maintaining assets and handling estate and guardianship issues. In particular cases, foreign investors in Europe can request a set of fiduciary services in relation to offshore bank account set up as well as the creation of an offshore legal entity in a referred European location. One of our agents can act as the fiduciary, with the purpose of fulfilling the incorporation process.

Types of fiduciary services offered by our offshore incorporation agents

Fiduciary relationships are common in a variety of business scenarios. Some of the most common ones include the following:
  • Corporate: between the corporate board members and the company shareholders or between the nominee directors and the beneficial owners of the offshore company.
  • Executors: when the fiduciary is appointed to handle the distribution of assets according to the testament or last will.
  • Trustee: the fiduciary who manages the assets in a trust, who acts as directed in the trust agreement.
  • Investment: the fiduciary duty that exists between investment corporations and investors who require services.
  • Legal: the relationship between a lawyer and his clients also includes a fiduciary duty.
Our offshore company formation agents provide fiduciary services to clients from around the world and our agents specialize in a number of offshore jurisdictions.
Contact us for more information about trust and fiduciary services in Europe.


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