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Best European Countries for Relocation

Updated on Tuesday 21st August 2018

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The decision to relocate a business to Europe is one that presents a set of opportunities but will also require an understanding of the EU marketplace and the local regulations. The policies in each member state vary and this is why some jurisdictions are considered the best European countries for relocation.

Many international firms have been reconsidering their position in Europe in light of the Brexit. One solution for companies that were present on the UK market was to open a subsidiary in another EU capital. The option to relocate or to open a branch or a subsidiary has become apparent so that companies will not risk access to the unified and significant EU market.

Nevertheless, the effects of the Brexit are not the only reason why foreign companies may decide to relocate to a European country. Europe remains an attractive business destination and, while offering unified laws and policies under the EU Directives, it still retains individual characteristics in each country, ones that may offer new business advantages and justify a company relocation.

One important aspect to take into consideration when deciding to relocate is the local policy for company registration as well as the different policies for companies. Our offshore company formation agents can help you explore the existing options and understand the local laws.

EU countries for company relocation

EU member states are required to comply with a set of unified laws and regulations, for example, the very recent General Data Protection Regulation, along with many others. However, each country has its various labor and tax laws that will influence the manner in which businesses operate.

The list below contains several countries that are top locations for relocating a business in Europe. While some share certain characteristics, like low corporate income taxes, others may have a unique geographical location or offer various other advantages for business owners. 
  • Netherlands: the country has a welcoming business culture, a low unemployment rate and high quality of life and a special allowance for hiring expats.
  • Ireland: some of the largest international companies have opened headquarters in this country; the low corporate income tax, the fact that English is also an official language and its development as a tech and innovation hub all make Ireland an attractive destination to relocate.
  • Cyprus: one of the countries in Europe with the most attractive fiscal regime, Cyprus is also a location where investors can take advantage of being closely located to three, not just one market: Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Malta: an attractive taxation regime, complete with incentives, along with skilled workers have made Malta an attractive location and a hub for several industries, such as financial services, fund management, and others.
  • Portugal: the country has a participation exemption that allows for a tax exemption for dividends as well as for the realized capital gains; other tax advantages concern the income derived from patent licensing.
  • Greece: attracting foreign investment by creating a favorable regime is a key manner in which Greece has become an attractive business destination; top advantages include a strategic location, good infrastructure, and a generally welcoming business regime.
  • Spain: an open economy, various options for incentives and investment support as well as good living and working conditions are among the reasons why this country is an option for relocation in Europe.

Our offshore company formation specialists have only briefly described the relocation advantages in these jurisdictions. we invite you to reach out to one of our local experts if you have questions about a specific country.

What to take into consideration before relocating to Europe

Finding the right business partners and starting the business property are two important elements when entering the European market. However, foreign business owners should not forget that an important element is to connect with local company formation experts in the country of choice. The regulations for company incorporation are not unified across the EU and will differ. This is why our team of offshore incorporation experts at Bridgewest includes agents who specialize in selected countries and who are able to provide exact information for company registration in a particular country.

The decision to relocate a business to Europe is an important one and having the right business aid is important. Contact us for more information about how to relocate a business in Europe. We can help you set up your European company, open an offshore bank account as well as provide a host of other services for foreign business owners.

Contact our offshore company setup agents for more information about the relocation options in Europe and for detailed information about each of the countries listed in this article.


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