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Best Country for a Crypto Exchanger

Updated on Tuesday 17th July 2018

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A crypto exchanger or exchange is a business focused on allowing individuals to trade digital currencies for other types of assets, either fiat money (a currency declared a legal tender by the Government) or other virtual currencies between them. This digital platform will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.
We look at some of the best countries to launch a crypto exchanger. Investors who wish to know more about the particularities of these jurisdictions or want to open an offshore bank account can talk to one of our agents.

Where to start a crypto exchanger

The list below includes some of the most attractive countries for investors looking to open a crypto exchanger:
  1. Malta: the Government has taken important steps for designing an attractive business environment for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies as well as for initial coin offerings (ICO). A broad adoption of these virtual currencies is in place and at the moment, Bitcoin is not a regulated instrument. ​
  2. Hong KongHong Kong has an attractive taxation regime (no taxes on capital gains) and, apart from being a financial and business center, it is also located close to a large and important market, China. It is an already established crypto and blockchain hub.​
  3. Singapore: together with Hong Kong, Singapore is one of the major banking and financial centers in Asia, with the cryptocurrency industry not yet regulated by the Government,​
  4. Switzerland: A top location in Europe to base a crypto exchanger and a financial business in general, Switzerland is a country that has been very present on the cryptocurrency market, especially through a large number of ICOs.​
  5. Luxembourg: Another top location in Europe for financial businesses, Luxembourg is also known as a crypto center, along with Switzerland. The crypto exchangers are regulated and subject to the rules for non-bank financial institutions. ​
  6. Belarus: this Eastern European country makes our list because of the friendly policies oriented towards the taxation of Bitcoin. At this moment, there is no applicable tax on Bitcoin and the country is also creating a campus for fintech, blockchain and crypto businesses. An important issue to consider is that Belarus is not part of the EU.
One of our offshore company formation experts who specializes in one of these particular jurisdictions can give you detailed information about the financial regulations and the manner in which cryptocurrencies are regulated. 

Other issues to consider

These are just some examples of crypto-friendly countries. Other options can include the Netherlands and Germany in Europe, Japan, the Cayman Islands or Belize, two jurisdictions that are also known as tax havens. We recommend that investors perform a comprehensive research before opening the crypto exchanger.
Our team of offshore company setup agents can help investors looking to the most suitable jurisdiction in which to launch their business. Our experts specialize in a wide range of corporate and fiduciary services, tailored to the needs of clients looking to expand their business abroad or opening a new business altogether.
Contact us for more information about the international consulting services we provide.


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