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Shelf Company in the UK

Updated on Monday 14th May 2018

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Being one of the most powerful countries in Europe, economically speaking, the United Kingdom has one strong flux of investors wishing to commence their business venture here. On the territory of the United Kingdom companies are established daily. However one important and time-saving opportunity the country has to offer is the shelf, or readymade companyThe shelf company is an already formed business entity, registered with the Commercial Register of UK. Shelf companies are varied,as well as their features. They can be aged or brand new, and with different objects of activity.

Acquiring such a company is done by transferring the shares to the buyer. The value is previously established, as well as the price of the shelf company. The share transfer process requires a Share Transfer Agreement that needs to be signed by both parties and a notary is required to authenticate it. Other relevant documents need to be provided for the share transfer to be concluded, such as identification documents.

Upon share transfer the new shareholder is able to transform the company adding modifications to better suit the new company's needs. For example the name of the company can be changed, provided the certificate of uniqueness is obtained, the address can be changed, object of activity, bank representatives etc. However any change needs to be authorized and registered at the Companies House of UK. The Board of Directors needs to provide their documents and register at the institution. The new Articles of Association have to be authenticated and also registered at the Companies House.

There are many types of shelf companies in UK and if an entrepreneur decides to acquire one with previous activity, due to the trust gained and the previous business relationships, he or she must be thorough in verifying the company. The shareholder needs to be aware of the previous activities of the company, its pending debts, tax fillings, and company assets.

Shelf companies are varied, having different objects of activity, date of incorporation and features. Therefore any entrepreneur can find the one suited for his or her business. Setting up a shelf company in UK implies avoiding the lengthy process of company incorporation and enables the entrepreneur to engage in business immediately.

Our company formation agents is able to offer VAT-registered shelf companies in UK headquartered in UK major cities per the requirements of the clients.

Please contact us if you want to buy an UK shelf companyy.



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