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European Company Formation



Buying a European shelf company with VAT number

Whenever you need to start doing business immediately in a European country and you need a company with a VAT number, you don’t have to wait for the bureaucratic procedures.

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Partner Law Firms

We encourage you to contact our partner law firms in Bucharest: Rolegal and E&C, both part of our legal network.

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Tax Minimization Structures

BridgeWest is specialized in special corporate structures designed for tax minimization. No matter where you want to incorporate your company, you will need to consider how you can legally minimize costs.

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Buying a European shelf company with VAT number


Whenever you need to start doing business immediately in a European country and you need a company with a VAT number, you don’t have to wait for the bureaucratic procedures.

Buying a ready-made or a shelf company is the faster solution when you are in hurry and you need to sign important contracts with business partners, no matter the country you choose for your business.

You don’t have to worry about the history of the shelf company you choose because we offer you firms opened for the purpose of being sold, with no liabilities and no prior activity.

The main advantages of purchasing a European shelf company are:

-    the firm is already registered at the local Trade Register
-    the minimum capital share was paid at the incorporation
-    a bank account
-    you can start doing business after the purchase is over
-    VAT number
-    you don’t have to pay the taxes for incorporation of a new firm
-    you don’t wait for incorporation procedures.

We can help you with the registration of the changes that occur in the company’s documents regarding the names of the new owners, shareholders, board members and other major details. If you don’t like the company name and you want to change it, we can take care of this and we can offer you also a virtual office, accounting services etc.

Buying a shelf company is very important when you have to fulfill a contract or deal in a very short time or you have import/export activities and you can’t wait for the registration procedure.

If you need a company with a history, we can provide you firms opened a few years ago, with no debts or any other legal problems. Buying a company registered a few years ago is very useful for your business if your suppliers don’t want to do business with newly-opened companies, because they don’t trust them, or your clients are reserved and trust older companies.  

Why should you choose a shelf company with VAT number?

Purchasing a shelf company with a VAT number is important, for example, when you need to invoice rapidly your clients. The VAT registration may take a few days or more in some European countries, so you will have to wait if you decide to open a new company.

The main advantage of buying a shelf company is that you can do immediately business because you already have a VAT number and save precious time. You can also gain money from contracts you can sign instead of waiting for VAT registration.

In some countries, you may have additional problems with VAT registration because the authorities check carefully your activity and may ask you to prove that you trade in the country of registration, which is difficult if you can’t present any probation document. 

If you are interested in getting a bank loan in the next month, you may buy a company with a clear history of a few years and a good payment history.

We can offer you shelf companies in 65 European countries, at fair prices, and you can count on us for additional services, such as virtual office or accounting services for your company.


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