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Company Formation and Related Services



Buying a European shelf company with VAT number

Whenever you need to start doing business immediately in a European country and you need a company with a VAT number, you don’t have to wait for the bureaucratic procedures.

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Partner Law Firms

We encourage you to contact our partner law firms in Bucharest: Rolegal and E&C, both part of our legal network.

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Tax Minimization Structures

BridgeWest is specialized in special corporate structures designed for tax minimization. No matter where you want to incorporate your company, you will need to consider how you can legally minimize costs.

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Legal Services Bosnia


BridgeWest provides a wide range of legal services in Bosnia through our affiliated Bosnian lawyers and Law Firms in Sarajevo and other major cities in Bosnia. We are mainly specialized in the main aspects of Bosnian Commercial Law, including Company Formation, Debt Collection, Commercial Disputes and Litigation, Bosnian Real Estate Law and certain areas of Intellectual Property Law (such as Trademark Registration for instance).

You can find some of our main areas of expertise below:

Company Formation in Bosnia

Our lawyers will provide  immediate assistance with company registration in Bosnia in matters like official registration, structure, financing, taxation, office registration. We handle both Bosnian Limited  Liability (Sp Zoo) or Joint-Stock company formations.

Debt Collection in Bosnia

BridgeWest provides legal assistance for the recuperation of debts from Bosnian companies through pre-trial proceedings (official notifications to the debtor, negotiations etc.) as well as trial representation.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Bosnia

Mergers and Acquisitions as well other corporate restructuring on the Bosnian market.

Due Diligence in Bosnia

This refers to both corporate due diligence (performing certain verifications of Bosnian business partners for instance) as well as real estate due diligence (offering a verification of a real estate property to be purchased in Bosnia).

Taxation Advice and Planning in Bosnia

Advice on any Bosnian tax and taxation methods, planning for the minimization of taxes, taxes involved with ownership and transfer of real estate.

Articles on Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Set up Company in Bosnia

Setting up a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina implies a series of well-structured procedures. An entrepreneur must register for tax purposes, insurance, health and in order to obtain the certificate of function and registering the company with Municipal Court is mandatory. Foreign investors fi ...

Types of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Company Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina regulates the establishment, operation and dissolution of businesses. The registration procedure of a company in Bosnia is done in maximum five days at the Ministry of Trade. There are a number of possibilities for foreign investors to acti ...

Guide to Company Incorporation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. What is the minimum share capital for a Limited Liability Company in Bosnia and Herzegovina?   The minimum share capital needed for incorporating a Limited Liability Company (d.o.o.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 2,000 EUR, which has to be fully paid prior to registration. &n ...

Paying Taxes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. What is the corporate tax in Bosnia and Herzegovina? The corporate tax rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 10%. Only companies with less than 9 employees and less than 100,000 BAM per year revenue and proving that no more 50% of the revenue comes from a single client are entitled to a re ...

Company Liquidation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BridgeWest handles all steps required for company liquidation in  Bosnia and Herzegovina . Please contact us via email or phone for appointing a liquidator to carry on the company dissolution, submitting the required application forms, dealing with the Court, closing the company's ban ...

Open a Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Are there any special requirements for creating a Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina? A foreign company may open a representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if it follows the regulations of the Decision of Establishment and Operations of Foreign Persons. A representative office c ...

Register a Non Profit Organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 There are many regulations regarding the non-profit organizations established in Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Republika Srpska but the most relevant ones are the Federation Law on the Associations of Citizens (1995), the Law on Associations and Foundations (Republika Srpska) (2 ...

Nominee Director in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The term “nominee director” is usually defying a person, corporate body or individual, which have rented its name to a legal entity to be used in the process of company incorporation. It’s used especially by the entities willing to keep their implication in a company secret from pu ...

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As a BridgeWest client, you will beneficiate from the joint expertize of local lawyers and international consultants. Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Bosnia-Hertegovina.