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Infiintare Firma Azerbaijan, inregistrare firma Azerbaijan


BridgeWest va ofera servicii complete pentru infiintarea unei companii in Azerbaidjan. Asistenta noastra include:

> redactarea actului constitutiv (necesar infiintarii companiei);
Actul constitutiv al unei companii inregistrate in Azerbaidjan poate fi semnat prin procura (acelasi lucru este valabil si pentru procedurile notariale, un demers impus de lege).

> redactarea tuturor celorlalte documente necesare infiintarii companiei;
Printre acestea se numara: specimenul de semnatura, formulare speciale puse la dispozitie de registrul comertului din Azerbaidjan, copii de pasaport etc.

> planificarea procedurilor notariale (actele necesare infiintarii unei companii in Azerbaidjan trebuie legalizate de catre un notar public)

> oferirea unui sediu social pentru noua companie in Azerbaidjan (daca nu exista deja unul);
Orice adresa poate fi declarata ca fiind sediul firmei. Adresa va fi publica.

> deschiderea unui cont bancar;
Acest pas se refera atat la un cont de capital social, cat si la un cont curent.

> alegerea unui contabil in Azerbaidjan;
Serviciile de contabilitate sunt recomandate pentru orice orice companie inregistrata in Azerbaidjan.

BridgeWest va ofera asistenta pentru infiintarea urmatoarelor tipuri de companii in Azerbaidjan:

> Societate cu raspundere limitata
Acest tip de companie este cea mai raspandita in Azerbaidjan si este destinata activitatilor comerciale. Este potrivita pentru companii mici si mijlocii, putand fi infiintata de un singur asociat. Partenerii contribuie cu parti la capitalul social, cuantumul acestuia fiind decis de catre acestia. Asa cum sugereaza numele, raspunderea asociatilor este limitata la contributia individuala la capitalul social. Partile sociale nu se pot transfera. Partenerii ramasi au posibilitatea de a cumpara partile sociale ale celor care s-au retras.

> Societate pe actiuni de tip deschis
Acest tip de societate este destinata afacerilor la o scara mai larga si poate fi infiintata de unul sau mai multi actionari, fie persoane fizice sau juridice. O societate pe actiuni de tip deschis are un anumit fond impartit in actiuni, detinut de actionari si care trebuie autorizat prin asigurare. Actiunile se pot transfera si tranzactiona catre public. Raspunderea actionarilor pentru datoriile si obligatiile societatii este proportionala cu contributia la capitalul social. Structura de conducere include consiliul de administratie, consiliul de supraveghere si comisia de cenzori, alese in cadrul Adunarii Generale a Actionarilor.

> Societate pe actiuni de tip inchis
Structura sa este similara cu a societatii pe actiuni de tip deschis, avand un consiliu de administratie, iar raspunderea actionarilor este limitata. Poate fi infiintata de una sau mai multe persoane, fizice sau juridice, avand un capital comun impartit in actiuni. Difera de societatea de tip deschis prin aceea ca actiunile nu sunt transferabile si nu se pot vinde catre public.

> Sucursala, filiala sau reprezentanta - Orice companie straina are dreptul sa infiinteze companii de tip sucursala in Azerbaidjan. Acestea pot avea statutul de entitate distincta de compania mama (companii inregistrate in Azerbaidjan in care compania mama este actionar unic) sau extensii ale companiei mama.

Este de retinut faptul ca un cetatean strain trebuie sa furnizeze o document oficial din care sa rezulte implicarea sa intr-o activitate comerciala. Aceasta cerinta este valabila in cazul unor anumite tari.

BridgeWest va ofera de asemenea posibilitatea de a cumpara firme deja infiintate si va poate inregistra ca platitor de TVA.

Va stam la dispozitie pentru informatii suplimentare si tarife.

Articles on Company Formation in Azerbaijan

State Registrar of Azerbaijan

Every company that whishes to engage in commercial activities must register with the State Registrar of Azerbaijan. The institution’s functions are not restricted simply to that, also including maintaining an updated database of information regarding companies, different legal entity types, an ...

Types of companies in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan the legal entities are regulated by the Civil Code, as well as specific laws and regulations. These laws include the Law on State Registration of Legal Entities, the Law on Securities, the Law on Joint Stock companies and the Law on Limited liability companies, and they regulate the re ...

Set up a Company in Azerbaijan

Setting up a company in Azerbaijan has a lot of advantages, including developing a company in a powerful economic environment, with a good organizational structure. In order to set up a company in Azerbaijan the founders must go through a number of procedures, including the adoption of foundation do ...

Open Company Branch or Subsidiary in Azerbaijan

Setting up a company is one way to invest in Azerbaijan. However a less risky procedure is setting up a company branch of a foreign company. This means the parent company will be liable for the debts and obligations of the branch which won't be regarded as a separate legal entity, but is subject to ...

Guide to Company Incorporation in Azerbaijan

1. What is the minimum share capital for a Limited Liability Company in Azerbaijan? There is no specified minimum share capital when establishing a Limited Liability Company in Azerbaijan. However, a minimum capital might be set by an executive authority. In this case, the amount must be paid in fu ...

Paying Taxes in Azerbaijan

Paying taxes in Azerbaijan   1. What is the corporate tax in Azerbaijan? Any company registered in Azerbaijan is subject to a corporate tax rate of 20% for its worldwide income.  The entrepreneurs involved in the petroleum operations businesses (Production Sharing Agreements con ...

VAT in Azerbaijan

1. What is the VAT in Azerbaijan? The standard VAT rate in Azerbaijan is calculated at 18% for the supply of most goods and services, as well as imports of goods. Some transactions of goods or supply of services such as financial services are exempt from VAT. There are also zero-rated transactions i ...

Company Liquidation in Azerbaijan

BridgeWest handles all steps required for company liquidation in Azerbaijan. Please contact us via email or phone for appointing a liquidator to carry on the company dissolution, submitting the required application forms, dealing with the Court, closing the company's bank account or any ot ...

Open a Representative Office in Azerbaijan

Are there any special requirements for creating an Azerbaijani Representative Office? A representative office in Azerbaijan, unlike a traditional legal entity or a branch or subsidiary, cannot perform any business in its name or operate money in its behalf; it may only provide subsidiary help for t ...

Register a Non Profit Organization in Azerbaijan

The law which governs the establishment and functioning of the non profit organizations in Azerbaijan is the Law “On Non-Governmental Organizations (public associations and foundations)”. According to it, there are two forms of non profit organizations that may be settled in Azerbaijan: ...

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