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We encourage you to contact our partner law firms in Bucharest: Rolegal and E&C, both part of our legal network.

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Company Formation in Israel

Being a country with a market economy based on high-technology and agricultural products, and also on a very strong diamond industry, Israel is certainly a good choice for foreign entrepreneurs who set up a company on its ground.

The recommended thing is to contact a team of company formation specialists who can assist you in the process.

Legal structures in Israel

Here are some of the legal entities you can choose from as a foreign investor in Israel: a private or public limited liability company or to create a representative or a branch office etc.

The most common among foreign investors is the limited liability company because it is more convenient for their needs.

Requirements for opening a limited liability company
In order to open a LLC company in Israel, some demands have to be met and these are as follows:

- a minimum share capital of 1$,
- at least one director,
- minimum one shareholder (can be individuals or companies).

The director and the shareholder can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world. One of the differences between this type, the private one, and the public limited liability company, for example, is that in order to incorporate the latter, you need at least two directors and seven shareholders.

List of company registration procedures in Israel

1. The first step of the process of opening a company in Israel is obtaining the company registration papers that first need to be certified at an attorney's office; you will need to submit an application to register your company, signatures of the shareholders etc.
2. Then you need to file the association articles with the registrar of companies at the Ministry of Justice. Declarations of serving capacities must be signed by both the directors and the shareholders.
3. Furthermore, you have to register with the Income Tax Department for company taxation. The confirmation document may come after a few weeks, but our specialists in company formation can assist you with this procedure as well as with all the others and complete them as soon as possible.
4. You also need to register with the Ministry of Finance for VAT where you have to file some documents with the company's information.
5. Finally, in order to form a company in Israel, you will have to register with the National Insurance Institute.

For additional information on how to register a company in Israel or how to incorporate another type of business entity in Israel or in other countries, please contact us.

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