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Best Offshore Location Worldwide

Updated on Tuesday 17th July 2018

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A number of countries have established themselves as offshore financial and business centers. They share a set of common characteristics and are sought by investors willing to open an offshore company for asset management or other business purposes. 

Here are some of the best offshore locations worldwide, based on the no-tax regime for companies and the generally favorable business climate.

Top offshore locations around the world

The table below highlights some of the most popular locations to base an offshore business and their main characteristics.
Country Characteristics
One of the true offshore and tax havens, Belize offers high investor privacy protection, quick incorporation and no taxes.
The British Virgin Islands A popular offshore center where investors can incorporate the BVI International Business Company, a recognized business form that offers a number of advantages. 
Cayman Islands One of the oldest and most reputable offshore centers, the Cayman Islands has pro-business policies, minimal reporting requirements and, of course, an extremely attractive taxation system.
Another country that presents location advantages for those investors who are also targeting the EU market, Cyprus is a low-tax jurisdiction. 
Isle of Man Isle of Man had the advantages of being located close to the EU and doing business here is very attractive in terms of taxation: there is no tax on corporate profits.
Investors should know that this list is not exhaustive. Other examples include Panama, Bahamas and Seychelles and even mid-shore locations, those jurisdictions where companies enjoy a favorable tax regime but they are not perceived to be tax havens in the true sense of the word. Examples here include Hong Kong, Singapore, Labuan, Ireland and Liechtenstein.  The offshore company setup will differ from one jurisdiction to another.

How to choose the offshore jurisdiction

Choosing the jurisdiction for offshore incorporation is an important step. Naturally, the tax haven attribute is an important one but investors may also want to look at other factors such as geographical location. The list below is useful for asking some of the important questions in order to determine where to base the offshore company:
- Where is the customer base located?
- Does the company sell physical or digital products?
- What is the regulatory regime like in the country of choice?
- What are the banking rules like in the country of choice?
- What is the level of transparency and investor protection like?
Our team of offshore company formation agents can help you answer these questions and find an offshore location that suits your best interests.
Contact us for more information and advice on choosing the offshore company location.


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