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The Company Register Centre of Norway

September 6, 2010, 4:20 pm

The institution responsible with company registration and administering legislation on businesses in Norway is the Brønnøysund Register Centre. It is a government body and functions under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The institution contributes towards a better organized business, trade and industry structure offering reliable information on these domains.

The Company Register Centre of Norway contains several computerized registers. These registers contain information and important data on liabilities and mortgaged movable property, nearly 400.000 business enterprises, bankruptcies and compulsory liquidations, approximately 230.000 marriage settlements and more. In addition to these registers the Register centre operates the National Fee Collection Office which has the task to coordinate and supervise all accounting and invoicing of the enforcement proceedings.

The Trade Register in Norway is coordinating and organizing a number of projects both developed by the institution itself, and in collaboration with others. Anyone can find information and key data about these projects online, and their main goal is to simplify the overview of needs and the process of assigning priority to different tasks.

The company registration process in Norway, for any business, Norwegian and foreign, is done through the Register of Business Enterprises. The register ensures protection of business names and provides an overview of the financial status of a business. Also the Register is an important source of information, offering the possibility to search through its database of enterprises to anyone. Information on registered office, company name, capital etc. can be found online. Registering with the Norwegian Register of Comanies provides the company with the right to operate, legal protection of the business name, a certificate of registration, an organization number and identification. Due to the newly developed computer technology the registration process is quickly completed, also allowing rapid access to information.

The Trade Register in Norway has large electronic database centers and represents a useful source of information. Anyone can use the Automatic Computer-Linked Phone, fax, or the on-line system to information data or to report any change in the company's registered data. The Brønnøysund Register Center of Norway provides well structured conditions for the business world of Norway, simplifying the exchange of information and comprising structured information.

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