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State Registrar of Azerbaijan

October 26, 2010, 3:42 pm

Every company that whishes to engage in commercial activities must register with the State Registrar of Azerbaijan. The institution’s functions are not restricted simply to that, also including maintaining an updated database of information regarding companies, different legal entity types, and other information. Offering a reliable source of information to the public is one of the most important attributions of the State Registrar of Azerbaijan, and as a result a simplified version has been put in function: The one-top shop.

Prior to the establishment of the one-stop shop, registering a new business used to involve separate registration procedure with the Ministry of Taxes, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection etc. The process was complex and required a lot of time to complete. The new system helped reduce the time needed for registration of companies and other entities, and simplified the whole process. Now registering a company is done through a single form filled with relevant information on the company, as registered office, data extracted from Articles of association, name of shareholders, directors and so on. The application form is submitted online along with certain documentation on the company and in a short period of time, the registration process is completed. In case the certificate of registration is not issued, the company will probably be requested to submit additional information.

In case a company makes significant changes in its structure, changes involving address, replacement of directors, management board, share capital etc. the State Registrar should be notified. This procedure is done using the same form as for registration, completing only the parts required for the change in question. The one-stop shop offers another efficient procedure, registering the company simultaneously with the Stat Tax Authorities, a taxpayer number being issued at the end of the process.

The State Registrar offers the possibility to anyone to search through its database, online in order to obtain desired information on companies. Stored data refers to date of incorporation of the company, extract of Articles of Association, directors, management board. An inquiry can be made at one of the State Registrar of Azerbaijan’s offices, or online on the institution’s website.

The State Registrar of Azerbaijan helps maintain an informed public and a good collaboration between legal entities, companies, state authorities and public. Setting up the one stop shop improved the conditions to register a business, reducing the time needed, and simplifying the procedure.

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