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Paying Taxes in Poland

August 17, 2011, 4:16 pm

1. What is the corporate tax in Poland?

The Polish corporate tax rate is 19%, being among the most inexpensive tax rates in Europe. 


2. What is the VAT in Poland?

The VAT rate in Poland is 23% since 2011. However, there are still exceptions applied for several goods and services. The VAT rate is 8% and 5% on certain food, books, newspapers and other services.  Financial and postal services are exempt from Polish VAT.


3. How can the VAT be refunded in Poland?

If you want to obtain a VAT refund in Poland, you must fill in an application and take it to the Tax Authorities. After the authorities check the claim, the VAT will be recovered. If the claimant is from an EU country, it must submit electronically its request along with the invoices (if the value of the claim is higher than 1000 EUR; in case of fuel expenses, the invoices must have a minimum value of 250 EUR).

If the applicant is not from an EU country, it has to deposit the application written in Polish to the Tax Authorities along with the invoices and custom documents and a confirmation that the requester is paying VAT in the foreign country.


4. What is the dividend tax in Poland?

The dividend tax in Poland is generally charged for 19%, but in many cases, dividends received by a resident company in Poland from a Polish company or a company that is resident in European Union are exempt from deduction.

5. What are the taxes rates applied on other payments?

There is a 20% withholding tax on interests and royalties unless the rate is exempt or minimized by the incentives offered to the country which have signed double tax treaties with Poland.

The rate applicable to the sea and air transportation services is 10%.

There is no branch remittance tax required in Poland.


6. Are there any incentives for foreign investors in Poland?

The Polish government offers certain incentives in order to encourage foreign investment in the country. Therefore, a new company with foreign capital might benefit from income tax exemptions in Special Economic Zones, financial grants for new investments and for the creation of new jobs and employee training and, in certain cases, exemptions from local taxes.

7. Why do I need a local accountant for my business in Poland?

A local accountant will be the best choice for your business in Poland, as he will meet the system’s requirements and will also be able to adapt the company to the tax system in Poland.

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