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Types of Slovakian Companies

June 29, 2010, 12:37 am

As in most European countries the most common type of company in Slovakia is the limited liability, followed by general and limited partnerships and the Slovakian joint stock.

a) Slovakian Limited Liability Company (LLC)
The Limited Liability company is the most common type of business in Slovakia, un by local or foreigner entrepreneurs. It can be formed by at least one member, and shareholders can be individuals or other limited liability companies, and cannot exceed 50. The LLC must have a minimum capital of 200.000 SKK (Slovak Koruna, the currency of Slovakia). The contribution of the shareholders must reach a minimum of 30.000 SKK. The partners of a LLC are liable for the company’s obligations, only to the extent of their contributions.

b) Slovakian General Partnership (GP)
This kind of business form can be established by at least two participants, without a limit as to the maximum number of partners. The members of a general partnership are fully liable, with their whole private property, but instead do not have to pay any initial investment to the company, as it's being founded. The partnership has no legal status, and as all members are general partners, each and one of them has the right to be involved in the management of the partnership and to represent the company.

c) Slovakian Limited Partnership (LP or komanditna spolocnost, k.s. in Slovakia)
This kind of partnership has similar characteristics as a general partnership, as it has no legal status, no initial capital is required and must be founded by at least two members. In a LC at least one member is a general partner, who is held liable with his whole private property to the companies obligations, and at least one limited partner whose liability depends on the contribution made, but does not exceed its value.

d) Slovakian Joint Stock Company (JSC akciova spolocnost, a.s. in Slovakia)
The Slovakian Joint Stock Company is formed either by two natural persons, either by a juristic entity. It is considered the most complicated type of company because of it's complex establishment and difficult administration. The company is liable only through its own property. The registered capital must reach at least 1.000.000 SKK and it is divided into shares with an established nominal value. The management and control of a Joint Stock in Slovakia is performed via a Board of Directors, or Managers (predstavenstvo), whose members are entitled to represent the company and a Supervisory Board (dozorna rada) who supervises the activities of the Board of Directors.

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