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Set up a Company in Slovenia

July 6, 2010, 5:09 pm

Set up a company in Slovenia

Covering the vast majority of business choices among Slovenian entrepreneurs, the Slovenian limited liability company has a lot of advantages to offer. Its formation is rather simple, without too many bureaucratic entanglements, and it has clear construction steps. The LLC is followed in frequency by the Slovenian joint stock company, which is a more complex type of company designated for business at a larger scale.

Preliminary steps for registering Limited Liability and Joint Stock Companies in Slovenia

Founding a Slovenian company means following a few steps that take a certain amount of time and some documentation. The first step consists of establishing a foundation act and the articles of association for limited liability companies and company charter for JSC. These documents must contain a unique name of the company, the structure of the company, meaning names, and addresses of the managing board, for LLC and information about the shareholders for JSC. It is important that a company establish and relieve the object of activity and the subscribed capital, or amount and value of the shares, monetary or non-monetary. The next preliminary step to registration consists of opening a bank account. The minimum founding capital for a limited liability company is EUR 7,500 while for a joint stock company is EUR 25,000. At least one quarter of this amount must be deposited in the newly opened bank account. The capital can be paid in cash or in assets (real estate properties, movables, rights or any other goods). In order to open this bank account, the applicant can go in person at the bank or apply at the e-VEM web portal, where many bank are already enrolled and some much more will be in the future. The banks are allowing the e-VEM points to check if the capital was deposited to the bank account, and they can also print the certificate regarding the payment of the founding capital of the newly established company.

Register at the E-VEM (electronic One-stop shop)

The e-VEM one stop shop was implemented in order to ease the process of company registration and attract new investments due to the ease of the procedures of opening a business. In order to beneficiate from this program two conditions has to be met:  a bank account must be opened and the minimum share capital has to be paid and the articles of association must be drafted in a special form provided by the one stop shop. The founders of the company must visit the VEM entry point in person. The following benefits occurs after registration at the e-VEM offices:  the documents of the company can be registered here after are signed with a certified safe electronic signature, the office is helping the applicant with drafting the articles of association and the proposition for company set up(even though the possibility of having the documents drafted by a notary is still available), the publication of the newly formed company’s information on the e-VEM portal, the registration with the Statistical Office of Slovenia (all the required information is send to the AJPES and after that it is recorded in the Business Register and published online), the registration with the tax administration and finally the registration with the Health Institute.
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Setting up a Slovenian company from abroad

Foreign investors are welcome in Slovenia, as companies with foreign capital, or owned by foreign entrepreneurs are considered Slovenian business entities, operating according to Slovenian regulations. They have the same rights and obligations as national companies. Also residents and non-residents may form a company, without restrictions on payments and transfers. Founding a company in Slovenia may be done from abroad, but every document needs to have an authorized translation in the Slovene language.

How long does it take to form a company in
The process is relatively short and simple, due to the new electronic registration procedure. Registering at the Slovenian Business Register, through E-VEM is completed in a timeframe between 4 to 6 days, while opening a bank account and obtaining a receipt should be finished within one day, depending on the schedule of the chosen bank. Setting up a company in
Slovenia after depositing the necessary documents shouldn’t take more than a week.

BridgeWest offers Company Formation in Slovenia.

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Company Formation in Slovenia


BridgeWest provides company formation in Slovenia. Our assistance includes:

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