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Set up a Danish company

July 28, 2010, 3:33 pm

Setting up a company in Denmark has a lot of advantages, the main one consisting in a very simple and short registration process. Towards foreign investment Denmark is characterized by openness and non-discrimination. The most preferred types of business to be opened by entrepreneurs in Denmark are public and private limited companies.


Preliminary activities before registering public and private limited companies in Denmark

Prior to registering the company within the Danish Commercial and Companies Agency, it is necessary that the managing members of the limited companies provide the articles of association.

In the articles of association there must be provided certain information, such as the company's name, the location of the registered office, the objective of the company, the share capital and also the names and addresses of the managing members.

In order to set up a Danish company, there must also be obtained a NemID signature via online. This qualified Certification Authority from the Electronic Authority for Public Administration was launched in 2010, being an improvement for the previous Digital Signature.

For opening a company there are certain documents which must pr provided, for example passport copies of the shareholders and directors, utility bills to prove the address, bank reference letter.

For establishing the company's name, the entrepreneurs must provide three accepted names, which must be submitted and verified from the availability point of view by an specialized office from the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. This procedure does not last more than few days.

Also it is necessary that the minimum deposit or the shares of the business's partners to be deposited in a bank account. The bank institution will issue a certificate.

The minimum share capital for a limited liability company is DKK 80,000, while for a joint stock corporations there must be deposited as share capital at least DKK 500,000.


Registering public and private limited companies with the Danish Business Authority

In Denmark, for registering a new company, any entrepreneur can use an online system called Webreg, which enables a simplified registration process. In this sense, entrepreneurs must complete an online form and send electronically the articles of association and the bank deed, which certificates the deposit of capital and fee payment to the bank.

After this step, to each company is assigned a CVR number. The Central Business Registration represents the company's identification number.

When the new company is registered, the business and tax registrations are automatically centralized and completed in a short time period. Due to the centralized system, the companies are registered in maximum one day. The registration for taxes is accomplished in about three days.

Registering employees with a private insurance company

Every company who has employees must register them within a private insurance company. The entrepreneur is free to choose the private insurance company. It is a simple process that requires filling a form and submitting the employer's information. The insurance policy must be then registered with the DBA. This process takes not more than a day.

Setting up a Danish company from abroad


Both Danish and foreign investors may configure their companies obeying the same regulations. Furthermore, in Denmark there is no need for managing directors or members of board directors to be residents. A foreign entrepreneur is free to set up a Danish company, without being necessary his physical presence in the country. In this sense, the entrepreneur can choose between acquiring a shelf company or a ready-made company or online registration, from any place in the world.

How long does it take to found a Danish company?
The whole process of
settting up a Danish company is simplified due to the help provided by a new online system. Every phase that completes the process takes about one day, including registration with the Danish Commercial and Companies Agency over Webreg system. Thus, a the procedure of setting up a Danish company can be set up in maximum four days, if all the documents are properly registered.


BridgeWest offers Company Formation in Denmark as well as related services such as Danish shelf companies, VAT Registration and Virtual Office Services in Denmark. All the basic information regarding the requested steps for starting a business in this country was put together in a YouTube video: How to Open a Company in Denmark. We hope you will enjoy it and share it with your professional network.

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Denmark is one of the best locations in the world for opening a company, being ranked among the easiest countries in Europe for doing business.


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