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Set up a Company in Azerbaijan

October 26, 2010, 3:28 pm

Setting up a company in Azerbaijan has a lot of advantages, including developing a company in a powerful economic environment, with a good organizational structure. In order to set up a company in Azerbaijan the founders must go through a number of procedures, including the adoption of foundation documents, charter, articles of association or foundation agreement, establishing a bank account and depositing an initial capital, if required. The articles of association, needed in order to set up a company in Azerbaijan, are at the base of every legal entity and contains the internal rules of the company, the name and the address, the capital, details regarding the shares and the rights attached to it, conditions of accepting new shareholders, the name of the company’s representatives and the way of appointing or dismissing them. The companies are registered in conformity with the law through the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan. A legal entity comes into existence upon issuance of the registration certificate.


Preliminary activities before registering limited liability and joint stock companies

There are a number of procedures required prior to set up a company in Azerbaijan. The founders must establish the legal address and obtain a legal confirmation of the lease. Usually the proof of a legal location implies a guarantee letter from the lesser and a notarized copy of the ownership certificate of the premises. One day must be allocated to notarizing the company documents, including charter, lease agreement and other significant documents. The minimum required capital for JSC and a nominal capital for the LLC must be deposited in the bank and a receipt must be obtained.


Registering limited liability and joint stock companies

Registering a company in Azerbaijan is done through the Ministry of Taxes, since January 2008 at the One Stop Shop. The founders must fill a standard application form and submit it along with the founding documents, charter of the entity, articles of association, lease agreement, bank receipt and other significant documents. In case the founders appoint a representative a copy of his or her identity card is required. The procedure is simple, and the registration certificate is issued in five days, or the shop requests additional information. The one stop shop also registers the company for VAT purposes, simultaneously with registration.


Obtaining a company seal

This is a mandatory procedure and there is no restriction to a particular producer of a stamp. A state fee is not charged, but the cost of a stamp may vary depending on the producer. The company seal is important in distinguishing specific characteristics of a company. Usually, after depositing the necessary documents, a seal is issued in one working day.


Establishing a company in Azerbaijan from abroad

Azerbaijan law fully supports foreign investment, and one method to do that is by setting up a company. There are no restrictions as to a fully foreign owned capital, nor to the currency used. As the registration procedure is simple, the company members may found the entity by appointing an authorized assignee who will be in charge of the organizational procedures in setting up a company in Azerbaijan. The representative is invested through a notarized power of attorney. However the law requires a registered local address, and some form of registered presence is needed.

A foreign company can also set up a branch here, but the full responsibilities are taken by the parent company and also the company’s finances are assured by it. Because it is a subdivision of a foreign legal entity, representative office generally is not entitled to conduct business activity and it is managed by an individual authorized by the parent company with notarized power of attorney.


How long does it take to establish a company in Azerbaijan?


Setting up a company in Azerbaijan takes a short period of time, most of the procedures being completed in one day. However this period of time may vary depending on different factors. Registering a company at the One Stop Shop is finished in three days, including also VAT registration. A company in Azerbaijan is usually completed in approximately 8 working days.


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