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Register a Non Profit Organization in Slovakia

November 5, 2012, 1:13 pm

The Slovakian non-profit organizations are regulated by the “Law on Non-Profit Organizations Providing Generally Beneficial Services.”

According to it, a non-profit organization setup in Slovakia is created in order to deliver generally beneficial services in a field determined by its founders and whose profit cannot be distributed among them.

The non-profit organizations opened in Slovakia are created with a founding deed that has to be signed by all its founders. The foundation's deed contains the name and address, the period of availability for the organization, details regarding the founders, details regarding the organization’s representatives, details regarding the boards and their composition(Board of Directors, Supervisory Boards), and the contributions to the capital made by each members.

The statute of the non-profit organization opened in Slovakia contains the following: the name and address, the type of generally beneficial services provided, ways of accomplishing the objectives, the bodies and their role in the organization established in Slovakia, number of members of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board (Inspector) or any other body, the modality of electing them and the duration of their service, the period of time for which the resolutions of the  meeting of the bodies are kept archived, ways of  publishing the annual reports  and the method of liquidation . 

The Ministry of Interior supervises the Central Registry of Non-Profit Organizations Providing Generally Beneficial Services where all the organization must be registered in order to acquire legal personality.

The registration of an NGO in Slovakia is made based on the statute and the foundation deeds and each organization receives an identification number.

A Slovakian non-profit organization has the following bodies: the board of directors (which is the supreme body of the organization, formed by at least three members and appointed by the founders, responsible with all the major decisions), the executive manager (responsible for acting in the name of the organization and appointed by the board of directors), supervisory board (named when the total amount of the property is higher than 5 million SKK and responsible for checking its activities)

A non-profit organization opened in Slovakia ceases to exist if the following occurs: after the expiration of the period mentioned in the Statute, if the Board of Directors are taking this decision, at the moment or reorganization, in case of bankruptcy or refusal of the proposal to proclaim bankruptcy resulted by the insufficiency of property, if the non-profit organization does not submit the Annual Report to the Registering Office as required. 

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