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Register a Non Profit Organization in Poland

November 2, 2012, 7:47 pm

The major laws that govern the establishment and the operations of the non-profit organizations in Poland are the “Law on Associations” and the “Law on Foundations”.

The associations are organizations between several members that are joined together by a non-profit objective. This type of non-profit organization is supervised by the supervising agencies that have the power to verify its activities, demand copies of the acts, require explanations from the association’s authorities.

The association formed in Poland is governed by its statute which contains it’s unique name, the address and place of actions, the objectives and methods of achievements, the conditions of approving and dismissing members, the rights and obligations of the members, the managing bodies and modalities to appoint it members and their rights and obligations, methods of achieving capital and the member’s dues, ways of amending the statute and method of liquidation.

If the association registered in Poland will have branches, there is an obligation to specify in the statute the way of establishment.

The major decisions in a Polish association are taken by the general assembly. The daily decisions are taken by the members of the board and the accounting matters are supervised by the auditing body.

In order to register an association, the founding committee must deposit the statute, a list with all the founders and their details, the address of the temporary seat and the procedure under which the founding committee was elected.

The association is considered legal entity only after the registration. If the association is registered than all its branches achieve legal personality.

No later than a month from the appointment, the members of the board belonging to the NGO setup in Poland must deliver to the registry of associations its composition and the members’ details.

Any changes in the Polish association’s statute must be notified immediately to the registry court.

The associations may perform economic activities only with the final purpose of achieving the objectives stated in the status. Under any circumstances the profit cannot be shared among the members.

The associations may be joined in a union of associations, if there is at least three that desire so.

A form of association is the simple association, formed by at least three members without the obligation to register in the Registry of Associations. A simple association cannot establish branches, be part in a union of associations, have legal persons as members, accept donations, inheritances or use the public support.

Because of the non-registration, the simple associations created in Poland are not considered legal personalities.

In order to establish this type of association in Poland, the permission from the supervising agency must be granted.

A foundation opened in Poland is created with no membership for pursuing non-profit objectives. These objectives may be protection of the historical landmarks, advancement of health, education and technology, culture, literacy, social services and others.

The foundations established in Poland have sponsors which determine their statute. The statute must contain the name, address, composition and organizational structure of governing board (and the method to elect and dismiss its members), capital, goals, principles, responsibilities and powers of the managing body and its members, modality of  changes in objectives or amendments to the statute, details regarding other foundation bodies in addition to the governing board.

The legal personality is earned after registering in the Register of Polish Foundations, maintained in Warsaw by the District Court. For this, the statute is necessary. All the information from the Register of Foundation is public and can be accessed by anyone interested.


A foundation has the obligation to submit every year a report regarding its activities to the Register.


Non-profit organizations beneficiate from exemptions from the taxes such as the real estate taxes if are involved in activities of work with children and youth as regards sports, science, education, technology or physical culture.

Also the buildings where museum are registered are exempt from the real estate tax.

The donations made to associations or foundations are also in a big part exempt from taxation.


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