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Register a Non Profit Organization in Azerbaijan

October 22, 2012, 1:44 pm

The law which governs the establishment and functioning of the non profit organizations in Azerbaijan is the Law “On Non-Governmental Organizations (public associations and foundations)”.

According to it, there are two forms of non profit organizations that may be settled in Azerbaijan: the foundations and the public associations.

The public associations are organizations formed by several persons (physical or corporate bodies) which are united under purposes which exclude generating profits for its members, while the foundations may be formed by only a single person with main activity in the field of charitable, educational and socially activities. The management of a public association is assured by the General Assembly which main purpose is to follow the organization’s objectives.

A non profit organization may also establish an affiliate or representative office on the territory of Azerbaijan, as long as it doesn’t have any legal personality and carries the same activities as its founder.

The non profit organization in Azerbaijan cannot be involved in any political activities and may not sponsor candidates in the elections.

At the base of every non profit organization opened in Azerbaijan sits the statute of it. In it must be specified the name and address, the purposes of establishment, the way it will be managed and details regarding its members, way of admission and liquidation of membership, sources of property, modalities to adopt the statute and make changes in it, the ways it can be liquidate and what happens with the property after liquidation.

Any changes in the statute must be performed by the supreme body of the non profit organization (the Board of Trustees, in case of the foundation). The change may be performed only if are allowed or regulated by the statute.

The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On State Registration and State Register of Legal Entities” must be followed by the founders of the organization at registration of this type of legal entity just like the founders of any type of business.

All the non profit organizations must be registered at the Ministry of Justice no longer than 30 days from the decision of establishment. The application must be accompanied by the statute and the minutes of the meeting when the decision was taken.

A foreign person must prove that it has permanent residence in Azerbaijan otherwise it is not possible to register a NGO here.

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