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Register a Non Profit Organization in Albania

October 17, 2012, 6:07 pm

Albanian non profit organizations are formed in order to serve the public interest, especially in the environmental education field and nature conservation.  There are three types of non profit organizations according to the Albanian law: foundations, associations and offices. The associations must be created by at least five physical persons or two corporate bodies. The foundations and offices are created by at least one person. Only the associations have membership status.

An association is created in order to carry activities in the name of its members while the foundations can carry activities only in the public name. The foreigners have the same rights to open non profit organization in Albania as the local physical persons or corporate bodies. The particularity of the non profit organization is that are independent from the Albanian state even though in certain cases the state may grant various advantages to it.

The main authority responsible for registering the non profit organizations is the Tirana District Court.

The following documents are required for registration from the local non profit organizations: the application for registration (which must state the type and objectives, field of activity, details regarding the founders and the leaders, structure and governing body, the address of the organization’s main office, details regarding the legal representative), the foundation deeds of the organization and the charter with the organization’s regulations.

If a branch of a foreign non profit organization wants to register, the following documents written in Albanian and notarized must be provided: the application for registration, the foundation deeds, the charter, the decision of opening a branch of the organization.

In certain cases, if a foreign organization wants to be registered but will perform only temporary activities, it must submit an application to the governmental organ in charge with the activities that will be performed by the foreign organization, documents of identification of the organization in the country of origin, a statement from the foreign organization that the activities are related to its goals and the legislation.

The non profit organizations have various exemptions on their taxes: the revenue realized by donations or membership dues are not taxed, the income tax is not applicable on donations and various customs obligations have granted relieves and exemptions.

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