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Power of Attorney in Luxembourg

October 16, 2011, 2:08 am

A power of attorney in Luxembourg empowers a person to sign different documents on behalf of the donor who could not be present at the place of the meeting. By this document, one may choose a trusted person or organization to deal with financial or legal aspects concerning the grantor. Usually, a power of attorney in Luxembourg must be written in the language of the procedure, that is generally in French. A power of attorney in Luxembourg can refer to one or more attorneys on behalf of one or more donors. 

If the power of attorney is completed abroad in order to be used in Luxembourg, the donor must go in person to the consulate. This way, his identity and mental competence are certified and the power of attorney can be authenticated. 

In order to give a power of attorney in Luxembourg, the grantor needs to provide a certified copy of an identity card or passport of the attorney, a copy of a proof of residency of the attorney and then complete and sign the papers. The power of attorney in Luxembourg is then authenticated by a public authority or a public notary.

There are two types of a power of attorney in Luxembourg, out of which a donor must choose one. He can prefer a power of attorney that is valid until death or one with unlimited validity even after death. A special power of attorney gives full power of substitution for the attorney on the behalf of the donor. A power of attorney in Luxembourg usually remains valid until notice of revocation or amendment by the donor. A power of attorney in Luxembourg is governed by the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A power of attorney in Luxembourg entitles a person to complete incorporation procedures of a company or represent shareholders in meetings, as well as signing papers or performing transactions. It is up to the donor what actions he empowers the agent to perform by a Luxembourg power of attorney.

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