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Open a Representative Office in Azerbaijan

August 16, 2012, 6:14 pm

Are there any special requirements for creating an Azerbaijani Representative Office?

A representative office in Azerbaijan, unlike a traditional legal entity or a branch or subsidiary, cannot perform any business in its name or operate money in its behalf; it may only provide subsidiary help for the head office. A representative office in Azerbaijan must be registered at the Ministry of Foreign Industry, unlike the local companies that must be registered at the Ministry of Finance.

After two years, registration of the representative office must be renewed, if necessary.

The process of registration of a representative office in Azerbaijan may take from a few days to six weeks.


What is the minimum share capital of an Azerbaijani Representative Office?

There is no minimum share capital for an Azerbaijani Representative Office, especially because it doesn’t perform any commercial activities and it’s not operating money.


How much does it cost to create an Azerbaijani Representative Office?

The registration fee must be paid in Manats converted at the official rate of the National Bank of Azerbaijan, at the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, being settled by it each year. Also a state duty of 220 AZN (approx. 226 EUR) must be paid at the state budget before registration.


What documents are required for the setup of a Representative Office in Azerbaijan?

The necessary documents for opening a representative office are: the application for registration (must be signed by the authorized person or by the head office itself), the decision of opening a representative office (written on a stamped letterhead, signed by the authorized representative or by the head office), the articles of association of the company, the certificate of incorporation, the Power of Attorney for the representative in Azerbaijan( also written on a stamped letterhead signed by the head office), the bank reference letter for the company, a feasibility study, passport copies of the chief of the representative office and the representative office’s regulations (two signed copies).

It is necessary to attach a Russian or Azeri notarized translation to the above documents. Also, the Certificate of Incorporation, the bank reference and the Articles of Association must be legalized (verified by the Consular Department of the Azerbaijan Embassy).

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