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Nominee Director in Slovakia

January 28, 2013, 6:32 am

The Slovakian company’s articles of association are stipulating that minimum one representative is necessary in order to act in the name of the entity on the market and perform all the necessary actions required for incorporation. Slovakian joint stock company and Slovakia limited liability company has a set of regulations called articles of association at their base, containing the name of the company, its address, its deposited capital, the shares characteristics, the modality of accepting or dismissing shareholders, the company’s duration term, the way of nominating the directors and their dismissal. Along with this are also stipulated the names of the company’s representatives which can be replaced with the names of the company’s nominee directors for assuring the confidentiality of the real beneficial owners. The nominee directors can be individuals or corporate bodies and are appointed by a third party with interests in the company such as a bank, a lender or a major shareholder.

Even though in the offshore jurisdictions the nominee director is only providing his/ her name to be used on the company’s official documents and receives a fee for this, in Slovakia it must act as the company’s administrator and must make all the specific decisions which an company’s representative would make, such as incorporating the company and register it at the authorities and in the specific registers, convene general meetings of the shareholders providing all his details to this authorities and registers, convene and participate at annual audits, maintains all the registers and specific documents and statements and deliver it to the authorities .

Usually in the tax heavens, besides providing the name of this individual or corporate body to the non-residents, the nominee are also granting all the powers to the beneficial owners through a power of attorney after the company registration.

The procedure of appointing a nominee director is not very popular in Slovakia (because of the above characteristics), as it’s a process usually characteristic to offshore jurisdictions. There is no legislation to regulate the process of appointing a nominee director in Slovakia, however BridgeWest can offer in certain cases nominee directors in France depending on certain specifics of your business in the country. Please contact us for more information.

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