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Setting up a Limited Liability Company (ApS) in Denmark

November 14, 2011, 1:24 am

A limited liability company is usually the choice for small and middle-sized companies in Denmark. Limited liability companies in Denmark are known as Anpartsselskab or ApS and must be registered with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency before beginning their activity. This type of company has its liability limited to the value of shares subscribed by each shareholder. 


The minimum share capital required for a Limited liability company in Denmark is 80,000 DKK and should be submitted in the Danish currency, which is the Danish krone. The initial capital must be fully paid before registering the company in Denmark. A limited liability company in Denmark does not issue shares for its members.


The Danish limited liability company may have one or more founders. The shareholders may be individuals or legal entities. At least one of the founders of the limited liability company must have residence in Denmark or in another European country. The Ministry of Business and Industry may offer exceptions from this rule.  Founders are required to subscribe to the entire share capital of the Danish company.


A limited liability company in Denmark must have at least one appointed director who must be registered with the Registrar of Companies.  A board of directors of at least three members is compulsory if the company’s capital exceeds 300,000 DKK or if there are more than 35 employees in the company. The director or the board of directors will have a joint responsibility for the limited liability company’s administration. 


A Supervisory Board or an Executive Board is optional in a limited liability company in Denmark, with no residency requirements for its members. However, a Danish limited liability company has the obligation to fulfill appropriate bookkeeping and to submit annual financial statements that must be audited by a registered or a state authorized public accountant.

Other requirements

A limited liability company in Denmark must contain the word “anpartsselskab” or the abbreviation ApS in its name. Also, the company’s name must not be the same or similar to any other names of companies that are registered with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. It is prohibited that the name includes surnames, names of firms, trademarks, or names of real property.

BridgeWest offers Company Registration in Denmark as well as related services such as Danish shelf companies, VAT Registration and Virtual Office Services in Denmark. All the basic information regarding the requested steps for starting a business in this country was put together in a YouTube video: How to Open a Company in Denmark. We hope you will enjoy it and share it with your professional network.

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Denmark is one of the best locations in the world for opening a company, being ranked among the easiest countries in Europe for doing business.


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