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Foreign Investments in Poland

August 31, 2011, 6:08 pm

General overview

Before 1989, foreign companies did not operate in Poland. However, the development of the Polish economy at the beginning of the 1990s attracted an increasing number of foreign investors. In 2008, the Polish Statistical Office registered in Poland 21,092 companies with foreign capital. One year later, the National Bank of Poland evaluated the amount of foreign investment to Poland to 9.9 billion EUR, while in the first semester of 2010, the total foreign investment was 7.5 billion EUR. Poland is therefore considered to be the eighth country among European states in terms of attractiveness for projects with foreign capital. 

As far as the business sectors are concerned, most of the foreign capital went to food processing in 2009, followed by real estate and business services, financial services, trade and repairs, electricity and transport equipment manufacturing. In 2009, 92% of the total amount of foreign investments came from EU states. The main source country was Germany, which invested in Poland over 2 billion EUR, followed by France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Jobs in Poland

According to the Central Statistical Office, foreign companies employed 1,531,668 people in 2008. Over 50% of all employees worked in the manufacturing sector, while 21% were employed in trade and repairs. The Ernst&Young European Attractiveness Survey published in 2010 places Poland on the fifth position in terms of job creation. According to the mentioned source, in 2009 there were 7,500 jobs offered by foreign-owned companies.


In 2010, the Gross Domestic Product in Poland was estimated to 1,412 billion PLN. In 2009, foreign investment amount decreased by 8% from the previous year, counting 9.9 billion EUR. The data published by the National Bank of Poland mentioned 4.1 billion EUR in reinvested earnings, 3.8 billion investment in equity capital and almost 2 billion as intercompany loans. On an average basis, approx. 36% of the foreign capital coming into the country is invested in manufacturing, while 20% goes to financial services and 8% to transport, logistics and data transfer. According to the figures of the Central Statistical Office, there were 5,848 firms with shares of German capital in Poland in 2009. Germany was actually the main investor in Poland in 2009, with a total capital of 20,832.6 million EUR.

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