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Business Start-up Costs in Poland

November 2, 2011, 11:46 pm


In order to set up a business in Poland, a proper evaluation of the costs is required, so that an entrepreneur can start the incorporation with a well-defined plan.

1. What is the minimum share capital?

A Polish limited liability company requires a minimum share capital of approximately 1,240 EUR, the equivalent of 5,000 PLN. If one desires to set up a joint stock company in Poland, then the minimum share capital he needs is 12,730 EUR, the equivalent of 50,000 PLN.

2. What are the Company Registration fees? 

In order to register a company in Poland, one must start the procedure by notarizing the company agreement at a public notary. The notarial fee is usually 1,010 PLN without VAT plus 0.4% of the amount of share capital over 60,000 PLN. When filing for registration at the National Court Register, a fee of approx. 1,500 EUR has to be paid. Moreover, registration for VAT also requires the payment of 170 EUR. BridgeWest is able to provide a full incorporation package for an amount of 2,790 Euros (including all required costs and expenses).

3. What are the costs to rent an office space?

The price for renting an office in Poland depends on whether you want the space to be located in Warsaw, Krakow or other cities, in the center or in the suburbs, as well as the surface. Usually, a square meter costs around 30 to 70 EUR.

4. What are the costs for a virtual office if the client will not rent a location?

If one chooses not to rent an office in Poland, a virtual office is still required as a contact address for any company registered in Poland. Therefore, a virtual office needs to include secretarial activities, answering phone calls and receiving mail. The costs for a virtual office in Poland can rise up to 200 Euros per month, based on the services included in the package.

5. What is the cost of hiring an employee?

An employee in Poland receives an average monthly salary of 1,500 EUR, but the costs for the employer are more than that, since he must also contribute with a rate of 30-35% of the salary to social security.

6. What are the costs of hiring a local accountant?

A local accountant is needed in Poland to deal with taxes and the entire Polish financial system and the costs for hiring a specialized person are between 100 and 400 EUR, depending on the services provided.

7. What is the yearly corporate tax?

All companies registered in Poland have to pay a corporate tax annually. The standard rate for corporate tax is 19%.

8. What is the yearly dividend tax?

When dividends are paid by a Polish company to a nonresident company, they are subject to an annually dividend tax of 19%. This tax can be reduced only under a tax treaty or if the dividends qualify for an exemption.

BridgeWest offers assistance for setting up a company in Poland, including virtual office and other related services.


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