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Doing Business in Netherlands

August 23, 2011, 2:56 pm

Country profile
Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, with the capital city set in Amsterdam. However, the Parliament and Government are located in Hague. The Netherlands belongs to the Western Europe, bordering Belgium to the South, Germany to the East and North and the North Sea along its western coast.
The land has a surface of 33,883 km square in Netherlands, with a population of 16,670,701. Its currency is euro. The Netherlands is a member of the EU and NATO and has developed strong international relations with other countries.
The two largest cities of the Netherlands are Amsterdam, with 1.1 million people and Rotterdam, with the same population. Other important cities include the Hague (700,000 people) and Utrecht (554,000 people). Dutch is the official language of the nation, but English is also widely spoken.

In 2011, the inflation has been 2.25% so far, with a medium unemployment rate of 4.25%. Although only 1% of the companies that are registered in the Netherlands are foreign investments, they sustain an important part of the Dutch economy. 32% of the private sector turnover is due to these foreign companies, mostly in the manufacturing sector.

Main industries
The main Dutch industries are agro-industries, electrical machinery and equipment, metal and engineering products, chemicals, petroleum, construction, microelectronics and fishing.
Amsterdam focuses on various industries, such as shipbuilding, petrochemicals, engineering, food processing and diamond polishing. Amsterdam is also an important transport hub for rail, water, road and air.
The Hague does not have a major industry of its own, but it is mostly based on transportation.
Chemical industry, transportation, especially by water, and distribution are the most important industries of Rotterdam.
Netherlands has strong trading relations with countries all over the world, but 75% of the international trades are with member states of the European Union, especially with Germany, Belgium, France and UK.
Its natural resources are natural gas, petroleum, limestone, salt.

The Dutch employees are among the highest paid in Europe, due to the standard of living in the Netherlands, earning an average salary of 2,500 EUR per month. The minimum wage that a Dutch employee can be legally paid is approx. 1,400 EUR.

Main corporate taxes
In 2011, Netherlands applies a corporate income tax rate of 20% on the first 200,000 EUR and 25% for taxable profits exceeding 200,000 EUR.
Value Added Tax in Netherlands applies to all goods and services by businesses within Netherlands and also imports of goods from outside EU. The standard rate of VAT in Netherlands is 19%. A reduced rate of 6% applies for certain goods and services such as food, books, medicines, art etc. There is also a zero-rated VAT that applies to goods and services destined for international trade and exports.
The Dutch Tax Law imposes a dividend withholding tax of 15%, while the tax per value of share is 1.2% payable each year.
In Netherlands, there is no specific tax for capital gains, but gains and losses are included in the company’s general taxable income.

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